Levi’s 501s try on

5 different colors of 501s linked below. Check out my reels on Instagram to see a try on video. Sale prices on these come and go on Amazon.

Below is a great sale today(32$) but watch prices because they change often:

In my try on video the first pair I try on are below. Color Luxor Heat. Im wearing Size 23 in all the shorts in the video.

2nd in the video im wearing color Athens Mid Short linked below:

3rrd in the video i’m wearing color Luxor Edge Waterless. Link below.

4th in the video im wearing color Oxnard Audio – Medium Indigo – I think in person they look very similar to Athens more so than in pictures, Athens appears lighter in pictures but in person the only noticeable different between Athens and Oxnard Audio is the placement of the distressing. If one or the other is sold out in your size or one is a better sale price, id say the two are basically interchangeable. I caught these on sale for 21$ a few weeks ago – great sale price! They are now 49$, prices fluctuate on these often. New color Oxnard Audio linked below

5th in the video I’m wearing color Ojai Slide from Revolve linked below:

For more available sizing and sales i’m also linking popular color Athens on Revolve below: