summer dresses – abercrombie

my exact dress is sold out but the other colors and the long version is still available:

I currently love the sneakers with dresses trend, im wearing golden gooses and I love them.

The Emerson dress also comes in other colors and patterns :

If you really want it in the short version I would buy this one and take it to a tailor and get it hemmed! I think it would turn out to look the same as the short one im wearing!

the blue suit I wore in my graduation photos –

The blue color is sold out, I got it way ahead of time for my pictures as soon as I saw it back in 2022 but Abercrombie still makes it in other colors im linking here:

They have it in this pretty light blue color right now on sale:

I can’t find bottoms in the light blue color, probably sold out 🙁 but this is the bottoms I wore available in other colors:

Another cute option for a blue suit:

Another really cute option on sale:

Matching under tank:

Matching pants: