storage bins

DIMENSIONS- Outside (17-1/2-Inch x 10-7/8-Inch x 12-1/2-Inch), Inside (15-5/8-Inch x 8-Inch x 12-1/4-Inch) – Case of 4

these are a great size that can be used in a lot of ways. i storage tee shirts and shorts in them, socks, MASKS, do i need a bin for masks now?

i like everything to have its own home so these work really well for me

this size is to small to hold dirty laundry. we use these in the laundry room at my parents house but also use a larger size ill link below for the bigger categories like dirty white clothing. this size we use for small categories like dry cleaning, hand wash items or dryer sheets.

this one below is big enough for dirty clothes!

the cutest dress

my exact shoes are a few years old, i found a couple pairs available on postmark. you can keep an eye out for them by searching “Anthropologie Womans Splendid Gold Edna Tie Espadrilles”

similar options:

below are not similar to the gold shoes in my photo but including these current sale finds because they are super cute:

these also come in yellow – so obsessed – i just ordered – ill share on ig stories when they come in the mail


talentless is one of my all time favs, I’ve been obsessed since it came out, always been a huge fan of scott and he absolutely kills it with the fabric, ive never returned anything, love every piece i buy, which is saying a lot because i get picky with fabric and return a lot in general. talentless fabric is THE BEST

the grey cropped sweatshirt in my photo sold out, it was a limited release, they do limited releases often which i love so you get something unique, ill share on my stories the next time i notice they are doing one

links to the other pieces from my stories try on :

also talked about bombas on instagram stories and saved that to a highlight on my profile for you to reference if your considering trying them. they are great quality, so comfy. here is the links to the ones i got:

They make 2 different styles of no-show, the ones i have are these the low cut no-show, cut low enough they don’t show with loafers

THESE SHOES COME IN SIZE 4!!! i know the price is high when you can find this same style shoe for 30$ anywhere. unfortunately no one makes the affordable ones in size 4. ive tried wearing 5’s and 6’s that don’t fit, i look like an infant trying to learn how to walk in them. the fun of having size 4 feet 🙂 bless stuart weitzman for making size 4! message me if you know anyone else who makes size 4! sam edelman just started recently in select styles!