my bedroom decor is all on sale

Ive been using this bedding since 2018 and its held up perfectly — comfy and beautiful

I added this dotted blanket this year to add some texture and I love it:

Candlewick Blanket from West Elm
Duvet Cover
I use 2 of this pillow case – I wouldn’t mind to buy a few extras to use while washing or in case one ever gets damaged in the future when they are no longer in production
I use 2 of this pillow in the European size — they are the tallest of the pillows so I layer them in the back closest to the headboard
Matching accent pillow
Standard pillow case — I only use 2 at a time but I could never own to many because its nice to change them frequently without having to wash immediately. For me, these get used the most. All the other pillows I never really use to sleep they are just for decoration, these are the ones used daily therefor its nice to clean them frequently.
Matching quilt
My nightstands — I have two the same on both sides of the bed

They are from the Pottery Barn Sussex collection. I always love Pottery Barn and I cant recommend these enough, they are great quality and gorgeous. No building anything required, they come fully assembled, nice and easy.

Lamps on my nightstands
My bed frame — Chesterfield Upholstered Bed — I have fabric “White Twill”. I ordered a bunch of swatch samples and the bright white was my favorite. I went into it guessing I would like the basket-weaves but I ended up liking the Twill fabric textures much better when I got the samples in hand — they look so much different in person compared to online photos.

I haven’t picked a piece of decor for above my bed yet — I’ve looked at thousands of options and I’m beyond indecisive about it

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