talentless is one of my all time favs, I’ve been obsessed since it came out, always been a huge fan of scott and he absolutely kills it with the fabric, ive never returned anything, love every piece i buy, which is saying a lot because i get picky with fabric and return a lot in general. talentless fabric is THE BEST

the grey cropped sweatshirt in my photo sold out, it was a limited release, they do limited releases often which i love so you get something unique, ill share on my stories the next time i notice they are doing one

links to the other pieces from my stories try on :

also talked about bombas on instagram stories and saved that to a highlight on my profile for you to reference if your considering trying them. they are great quality, so comfy. here is the links to the ones i got:

They make 2 different styles of no-show, the ones i have are these the low cut no-show, cut low enough they don’t show with loafers

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