storage bins

DIMENSIONS- Outside (17-1/2-Inch x 10-7/8-Inch x 12-1/2-Inch), Inside (15-5/8-Inch x 8-Inch x 12-1/4-Inch) – Case of 4

these are a great size that can be used in a lot of ways. i storage tee shirts and shorts in them, socks, MASKS, do i need a bin for masks now?

i like everything to have its own home so these work really well for me

this size is to small to hold dirty laundry. we use these in the laundry room at my parents house but also use a larger size ill link below for the bigger categories like dirty white clothing. this size we use for small categories like dry cleaning, hand wash items or dryer sheets.

this one below is big enough for dirty clothes!