why do the cutest shoes always sell out?

Every time search for these shoes, I usually find nothing. Sometimes I find one pair on poshmark. They are one of my favorites. So cute. They aren’t that old, I got them last fall.

If your hoping to find a pair, here is what i do to find sold out items. Search the name of the item “Chelsea Gingham Black & White Pointy Mules” on google and poshmark every once and awhile, whenever you think of it. Once a week or so would be a good frequency. Sometimes a pair will be available. Something to do doing quarantine. You can try this with other sold out items as well. Best wishes you’ll find some gems!

The brand is Cape Robbin: https://caperobbin.com

Here is a good poshmark link to try every now and again: https://poshmark.com/listing/Chelsea-Gingham-Black-White-Pointy-Toe-Mules-5ac6583fa83693c14a9d83b6

Here are some similar pairs: https://www.jcrew.com/us/p/womens_category/shoes/flats/pointedtoe-slides-in-suede/K0566?color_name=black&sale=true&noPopUp=true&srccode=Paid_Search%7CShopping%7CGoogle%7CPL_XPROD_ALLPRDCT_ACQ_XXX_EVG_COUSA_EN_EN_P_CREW_AW_CPC_PLA,Brand_All_Products_XXX,PRODUCT_GROUP,71700000032274671,58700003835347419,p31843590402&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Paid_Search&utm_campaign=PL_XPROD_ALLPRDCT_ACQ_XXX_EVG_COUSA_EN_EN_P_CREW_AW_CPC_PLA,Brand_All_Products_XXX&utm_content=Shopping&NoPopUp=True&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjwvOHzBRBoEiwA48i6Aq8ybmfiubEcXZx7iNJcAXScp5GlzjQIsIZlfO9rPJOxn5xMhG4sjxoCDJMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds



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